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Laser hair removal is known as one of the most popular aesthetic procedures done by men and women worldwide. Many people use this method to get rid of their unwanted body hair without having to experience the endless cuts caused by blades and razors whenever they try to do things on their own. Indeed, many people are insecure with their body hair, especially on parts easily seen by other people, such as the hips, legs, arms, underarms, and facial hair.

It is a trendy procedure that boasts of being a painless and bloodless procedure with minimal side effects and an affordable price tag. For those who do not like body waxing due to the pain, laser hair removal is the treatment perfect for them, for this is 100% pain-free, not even after the procedure.

Still, there are some things that people should know before getting laser hair removal for themselves. There are several things that they need to know and prepare before going to the skincare aesthetic center for their laser hair removal booking. Here are 11 things people need to know before getting laser hair removal.

It is a pretty fast process.

One of the selling points of laser hair removals is that it is known as a relatively quick and straightforward process. It is known as one of the aesthetic treatments women and men can get while on their lunch breaks.

The entire process takes only up to 20 minutes, including the occasional biscuit breaks offered by the spa. After the procedure, they can go back to work and act as if nothing spectacular happened.

However, it can take an hour for some cases, so it is best to ask the skincare aesthetician about the duration of the procedure before the booking date to allow adjustments on schedules and timetables.

The process is not painful at all.

The thought of laser touching the patient’s skin might sound a bit scary for some people, but several experts have assured the public that it is perfectly painless and safe to use for everyone.

Laser hair removal works by sending the laser light through the pigment in the hair. The light then converts to heat. Then it damages both the hair follicle and the hair bulb. Some lasers nowadays have a more cooling mechanism, which helped to minimize the possible pain that the patient might experience.

However, there were some cases that the process was a bit painful due to raised body temperatures, so it is advised to chill a little bit before proceeding with the treatment to avoid any unwanted pain or discomfort.

Shaving the areas to be lasered is a must.

We all know why some people chose laser hair removal — to get rid of their razors and blades because they are tired of shaving everything, only to see the hair grow back thicker than ever. However, a patient cannot go to a laser hair removal treatment without shaving the area to be lasered.

Also, if the patient just had a waxing treatment recently, they cannot proceed with the treatment. The laser treatment targets the pigment of the hair follicle, which gets pulled most of the time when waxing. Therefore, if someone goes to the aesthetic center and just had a waxing treatment three days ago, the laser would end up burning the skin instead.

Aestheticians advise shaving a day before the scheduled laser hair removal appointment. This precaution helps the process be much quicker, and again, the patient does not have to grow their hair before having them lasered. This is not waxing, so shaving before the appointment is a must for a smoother process.

Avoid the sun at all times before the scheduled appointment.

Skin clinics have the right to refuse a patient if they have had sun exposure within two to four weeks of the laser hair removal treatment. The laser will burn every pigment on the skin, so if the patient was tanned or sunburnt, they might have to rebook an appointment.

Those who are into summer sports such as surfing, scuba diving, and other sports that require exposure outdoors may do laser hair removal during the winter months to avoid any complications.

Do not put on any moisturizer on the day of the treatment.

The skincare aesthetician would ask the patient if they have applied any moisturizer or deodorant on the area to be lasered. This measure is needed because the patient’s skin should be stripped of any product, even toners, moisturizers, and even deodorants.

The skin should be clean and completely free of any skincare products. The patient can only apply their moisturizers or any other products 48 hours after the treatment, except if the dermatologist has prescribed or recommended any products to use after the treatment.

It takes multiple laser hair removal sessions before achieving perfectly hairless skin.

Unfortunately, the results of laser hair removal cannot be seen after just a single treatment session. It takes between five to seven continuous and consistent laser hair removal sessions to see the much more permanent results, such as having soft, baby-like skin. Thus, consistency is critical, so make sure not to skip any treatment sessions to achieve the desired results.

Going to the gym after the treatment is not allowed.

The patient is also advised against going to the gym after having laser hair removal treatment. This reason is that the heat from the laser stays in the skin for 24 hours. Thus, gym activities, sauna activities, and hot showers are not allowed for a day after the treatment.

Coldwater for showers is okay. The warm temperature from the lasers and additional moisture from the hot water can create an environment perfect for viruses and bacteria, therefore causing skin infections and other illnesses.

Having laser hair removal treatment can trigger more hair growth in some cases.

Certain hair types can be stimulated, leading them to grow longer and thicker. There are sporadic cases when laser hair removal has unintentionally produced more hair growth.

This condition usually happens from people with more delicate hairs, compared to those with thicker strands. The patient does not have to worry because the aesthetician will tell them right away if the laser hair removal can cause adverse reactions in terms of hair growth to them.

Patients should avoid certain skin products before and after the treatment.

Aside from making their skin free from any products applied, they must avoid other skincare products before and after the laser hair removal treatment.

They should avoid applying scrubs, retinol creams, and glycolic acid two days before and after the treatments. They should also avoid any chemical peels for two weeks and not use fake tan for a week or two.

Laser hair removal can get rid of other skin issues.

Laser hair removal can also get rid of ingrown hairs that can be due to shaving or waxing. It also lessens skin irritation, which is excellent for those who have sensitive skin issues. Not only does laser removal makes the hair grow thinner and eventually removed from the skin, but it also provides the patient with supple skin that is likely to be less irritated than before.

It works for every skin tone.

Finally, laser hair removal can be tried by almost everyone, regardless of their skin color. The hair is required to be dark enough to draw the laser, and some laser hair removal technologies nowadays are safer for treating patients with darker skin tones.

Back then, it was not advised for people with darker skin tones. Still, as technological advancements and innovations have reached the skincare and aesthetic industry, adjustments and improvements are made to include everyone who wants to have their unwanted hair removed using lasers.

Our Takeaway

Laser hair removal is the perfect procedure for people who are tired of shaving and waxing their unwanted body hairs in a much more manageable and hassle-free manner. This treatment employs lasers that are safe to be used on the skin, aiming to burn and dissolve the hair follicles and ensure slower growth and much softer and more supple skin. It has many benefits, but patients also have to prepare properly before going for the treatment and after getting the treatment.

Icon Med Spa is committed to bringing high-quality skincare and aesthetic treatments and services perfect for everyone. They offer laser hair removals and other treatments and procedures to bring out the best in every client. Their services are always top-notch and highly affordable. Their team of highly experienced and qualified staff is always dedicated to serving their clients to the best of their ability.

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